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5+++ stars for Rewrites of the Heart by @tnewmanwrites #romcom #paranormalromcom #bookreview

Title: Rewrites of the Heart

Author: Terry Newman

Genre: Paranormal Romantic Comedy, Rom Com

Book Blurb:

JJ Spritely, romance author, writes characters that jump off the page. Figuratively, that is. She never expects them to make a literal leap off the page and smack dab into her world. But Alex Zurich and Blake Teesdale do just that. And they’re on a mission to help JJ write her own personal love story with a man she recently met, Kennedy King Cooper.

A history professor, Cooper doesn’t see the value of romance novels and he has even less regard for those who write them. Until he meets a woman who haunts his thoughts.

There’s only one small snag in Alex’s and Blake’s plan…okay…two rather large snags. JJ wants nothing to do with Cooper. The other snag? Alex and Blake aren’t able to return to the pages of their own book.

Will JJ ever write her own love story? And will it be with Cooper? Will Alex and Blake return to the pages of their own book?

My Review:

Never in my life have I read a book this good! The story is original, fun, and romantic. Imagine you’re a romance novelist and your fictional couple appears in your real life. They’re flesh and blood and no longer in your imagination. Now picture them playing matchmaker. Trust me, you’ll be clutching your sides while reading.

It all starts with the world-building. Terry Newman creates a world where characters pop out of an author’s WIP (work-in-progress). How creative and original! JJ is not your typical heroine which I found refreshing. She’s not looking for romance, especially from a man who insults romance books, as if they’re the plague. I connected with JJ and all she had to go through to get her happy ending.

The plot is cleverly designed, and the execution is so well done, there were times I forgot I was reading fiction. Yes, I got caught up in the story several times. The writing of the plot is truly sublime. Through the author’s hard work, the story comes across effortlessly and is a joy to read.

I have to also mention the dialogue. Writing humorous yet heartfelt dialogue takes precision, comedic timing, and risk. The dialogue in this book is masterful and I laughed my head off. Classic and inventive rom com moments are peppered throughout the story. I couldn’t stop laughing.

If you love rom coms with a bit of paranormal whimsy, pick up this book. Romance readers, you’ll fall in love with Rewrites of the Heart. The very best romance book I’ve ever read!

My Rating: 5+++ stars

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Author Biography:

Two things you should know about me: I have an offbeat sense of humor and characters are constantly talking to me, trying to get me to tell their stories. Other than that, I’m a normal person.

I’ve spent most of my adult life writing in some fashion, from small-town reporter, to editor-in-chief and ghostwriter for a national natural health publishing firm. The last decade and a half I’ve worked as a freelance writer, penning ebooks that range from starting a doula services business to Native American herbs.

I’ve finally took the plunge to fiction after pushing oh, so many doubts aside. My first novel with The Wild Rose Press, Heartquake, won a 4.5 crowned heart review with Ind’tale Magazine.

All my books are set in fictional towns in northeast Ohio, where I grew up, and I write about things I love—like coffee.

I have a daughter, a son-in-law, and a grandpuppy and live in North Lima, a real town in northeast Ohio with all my characters. Yes, it does get crowded.

Social Media Links:


Facebook: Terry Newman

Twitter: @tnewmanwrites

Instagram: terry.newman.31521

TikTok: @terrynewman614

Reviewed by: Nancy


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