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Sinners' Opera by @LNightingale is a Christmas in July Fete pick #paranormalromance #giveaway

Title: Sinners’ Opera

Author: Linda Nightingale

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Book Blurb:

Morgan D'Arcy is an English lord, a classical pianist, and a vampire. He has everything except what he desires most—Isabeau. As the Angel Gabriel he's steered her life and career choice, preparing her to become Lady D'Arcy.

Many forces oppose Morgan's daring plan—not the least of which is Vampyre law. Isabeau Gervase is a brilliant geneticist. Though she no longer believes in angels, she sees a ticket to a Nobel Prize in Gabriel's secrets—secrets that have led her to a startling conclusion. Gabriel isn't human, and she fully intends to identify the species she named the Angel Genome. Morgan is ready to come back into Isabeau's life, but this time as a man not an angel. Will he outsmart his enemies, protect his beloved and escape death himself? For the first time in eternity, the clock is ticking.


Isabeau halted inches from Morgan, and a wonderful sense of release flooded her. Against a backdrop of stone and fragrant flower, he stood alone. People moved but they were outside the sphere of power he radiated.

“Isabeau.” His voice still enchanted, but his expression twisted her heart.

A band tightened around her chest. Why was he frowning?

Morgan didn’t touch her with his hands. His gaze touched her like a physical caress. “You needn’t go home with him.”

She shook her head. “I can’t just leave him.”

His voice dropped an octave, eyes dark, stormy. “Will you sleep with him?”

The question was too personal for strangers. Yet she wasn’t offended. He took her hands, and he took her breath away. She longed to counter with, “Will you sleep with the brunette tonight?” but, gazing into his eyes, she couldn’t speak.

“You hesitate. Is it such a difficult question? Are you going to bed with him?” He trapped his lower lip between sharp-looking incisors.

She glanced at his hands—cool, strong, elegant—and his grip tightened. “No, not tonight. Nor ever again I think.”

How could total strangers speak vows, ignore polite banter to dive to the heart? But they weren’t strangers, were they? She didn’t know when, but her belief that Morgan was Gabriel had solidified. Too many similarities teased her; coincidence not a word in her vocabulary.

The anger faded from his eyes, again luminescent blue. “Good.”

People scattered to a staccato of rain. A hand at her waist, he guided her into the shadow of an eave, shielding her from the storm. Sheet lightning flashed across the sky. Thunder crashed as the storm gathered momentum. Even in darkness, she could see his eyes. He seemed to have stopped breathing, seemed on the verge of a confession. She waited, trembling inside.

“I don’t quite know what to say.” His gaze drifted to her deep-cut bodice. His eyebrows flickered mischievously. “I like your dress.”

The boyish compliment surprised a laugh from her. “Thanks. You look pretty good in a tux.”

His expression sobered. He stared at her lips. “I want to kiss you.”

Isabeau’s limbs felt heavy. She yearned to lie down. In his arms.

Her hand found his smooth cheek. “Not a very good idea. People are gawking at us already.”

“Let’s give them something to talk about.”

Buy Links (including Goodreads and BookBub):

What I love most about the holiday season:

I love decorating from trimming the tree to switching on my twig tree (I call it the Stick). It’s a white mock bare birch in white with a glowing LED light at the tip of each limb. The theme of my 6 ½’ tree is music. I’ve wandered. I like decorating because it puts me in the Christmas mood.

Why is your featured book a must-read to get you in the holiday mood?

The theme is love, and Christmas is about love. Other than that, it doesn’t relate to Christmas. It’s an ‘intense and thrilling’ (reviews) vampire romance.


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Runs July 1 – July 31.

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Author Biography:

Linda has enjoyed an entertaining life—from breeding and showing Andalusian horses to living in England as well as Canada. She has two wonderful sons—one in England; one in Houston. She loves piano, horses, sports cars, reading, writing, and handsome men. She has won some notable awards for her writing, including the GRW Magnolia Award for Excellence (the Maggie) and the San Antonio Romance Authors SARA Merritt award. She particularly likes formal dresses and formal affairs, hosting formal dinner parties. She also enjoys getting grubby with anything to do with horses. At present, she has 7 published novels; 4 in audio, 7 with The Wild Rose Press, and 1 self-published. Find out more about her on her website and various social media. She’d love to hear from you via email

Social Media Links:

Twitter Facebook Web Site – Visit and look around. There’s a free continuing vampire story. Blog – Lots of interesting guests & prizes Goodreads Pinterest Amazon


Unknown member
Jul 10, 2020

Oh! I love the theme of your tree, Linda. All the best! xo


N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Jul 10, 2020

Thank you, Linda, for sharing your book in our Christmas in July Fete. This is such an intoxicating read. I loved it! 🥰

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