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Solar Warden by Peter Fuller is a Book Heaven Wednesday pick #scifi #militaryscifi #giveaway

Title – Solar Warden

Author – Peter Fuller

Genre – Military Science Fiction

Publisher – Bookbaby

Book Blurb

“US Air Force combat pilot Colonel Steve Richardson suffers a severe head injury when his F-35 crashes in the mountains of northern Afghanistan. With help too far away, death appears imminent. When an unusual craft appears and rescues him, Richardson is convinced he's hallucinating. It conveys him to a massive spaceship in orbit, where he is treated for his wounds. Once he recovers from his injuries, Richardson is introduced to a covert space force called "Solar Warden." This secret space program utilizes futuristic technology to defend earth against a paranormal alien threat intent on destroying earth's inhabitants. When Richardson joins the program, he learns that his new comrades are losing the conflict. Can he learn to operate technology half a century ahead of what he has been trained for in time to be an asset? Or will he become just another casualty in an interstellar war?”


The Nautilus approached Scarecrow’s damaged TR-3B. On the command deck, all eyes were glued to the navigational display.

“Helm, I want you to swing around and come along side, matching their speed,” Reynolds said. “When you do, extend our own anti-gravity field around them. That should protect them from any debris from the Oort Cloud. Line them up with the hangar bay doors.” He glanced over his shoulder. “Pri-Fly. Open the bay doors and when Tactical Three is in position, bring them aboard with the tractor beam array.”

“Aye, Captain.”

“Coming around now, Captain,” Helm announced. “It’s going to be close …” All eyes were on the ARI showing the TR-3B as it approached the debris field. Tiny points of light began to flash in front of the black triangle as particles from the outer edge of the Oort Cloud impacted the weakened anti-gravity field.


“Almost there, Sir.”

The flashes of light increased, and now they were beginning to impact the leading edge of the TR-3B.

“How close?”

“Thirty seconds.”

“They don’t have 30 seconds!”

“Captain, the MFD array is running at 110 percent–”

“Then push it to 120! 130 if you have to! Get us there! Now!”

The nose of Scarecrow’s tactical fighter was glowing from particle impact. Without warning, a larger piece of debris struck them and jolted the black triangle into an uncontrolled corkscrew motion.

“If one of those particles breaches their hull and punctures their MFD, they’re done for! Helm! They’re out of time!” Reynolds continued to stare at the display, his heart pounding. Data scrolled down the left side of the ethereal screen, displaying the critical nature of the TR-3B’s situation.

“Got them!” the helmsman said. “Extending anti-gravity field to envelop them. Sir, this is putting an enormous strain on the MFD array. We can’t hold this for very long.”

“We only need to hold it long enough to get them alongside.” Reynolds blew a sigh of relief when Nautilus’ anti-gravity field finally enveloped the tiny black triangle, and the assault on its hull ceased. “Good. Well done, Helm. Ease them up to the hangar bay, and use the tractor beam array to arrest their spin. Then bring them in. Once the tractor beam array is engaged, change course up and out of the Oort Cloud.” Reynolds turned to the comm officer. “Comm, get Tactical Three on the horn.”

“They’re standing by, Sir. Go ahead.”

“Tactical Three, Nautilus. We’re going to match your speed and draw you into the hangar bay. Sit tight, and we’ll reel you in, over.”

Nautilus, Tactical Three. Don’t tell me, let me guess. You’ve got a tractor beam, over.”

The Captain looked over at Hutch and the two senior officers smiled. “Tactical Three, Nautilus. Yes actually, we do, over.”

“Well Captain Kirk, we’re in pretty rough shape, so make sure Scotty and McCoy are waiting for us in the hangar bay, over.”

“The trauma team is Charlie Golf One. They’ll take care of MacPherson, over.”

“Roger that. Oh, and Captain?”

“Go ahead.”

“Nice save. It was starting to get warm in here. Tactical Three out.”

“XO, you have the conn. Once Commander Richardson’s bird is aboard, plot a speed course back to Neptune. The CAG and I will be in the hangar bay.” The captain didn’t wait for a reply, but leapt from his seat and darted out the hatch with Hutch on his six.

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Giveaway –

I’m one of the authors participating in the Beach Blanket Book Giveaway and you can win an autographed print copy of Solar Warden by Peter Fuller plus a SWS Nautilus coffee mug (US/Canada only).

Runs June 5 - June 30 and is open internationally for most prizes.

Winner will be drawn on July 1, 2020.

Author Biography

Peter Fuller worked in the Military History Department of the Glenbow Museum in Calgary, Alberta, Canada for eight years. He has studied military history for decades, written numerous articles and lectured at major museums and universities on the subject of military history. He has also been a regular panelist at NORWESCON since 2017. He has studied the UFO phenomenon since grade school. He is a member of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), and has had a few “close encounters” of his own. Most recently, he interviewed the son of a United States military officer about his late father's work on several special access projects for the secret space program.

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Jun 10, 2020

Thank you, Peter, for sharing your book with us. I'm a huge Scifi reader and this one sounds so good!

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