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5 stars for Spellbound by @JulieDarcy57 #timetravel #romance #uf #urbanfantasy #bookreview

Title: Spellbound

Author: Julie A. D’Arcy

Genre: Time Travel Romance, Urban Fantasy Romance

Book Blurb:

Failing with his last victim the Story Weaver is desperate to fill his book of tragedy and woe, henceforth begins a tale of, lust, revenge …. And… love.

Isabella Barton, fleeing for her life from her ex-fiancé, Ivan after discovering his ties with the Russian Mafia and his willingness to bargain her body for business, finds herself back in her childhood home in Rhode Island.

Searching through the aged Victorian mansion she had once shared with her grandmother, Isabella discovers in the basement, an ancient book of witchcraft. She decides she has nothing to lose if she attempts the spell for True Love, which insists on flipping open in front of her. However…

Zac is unceremoniously ripped from a battle raging in his world and awakes on a strange beach with a beautiful if somewhat unusual red-head peering into his eyes. And the only thing that can restore him to his other-dimensional world, his amulet, is missing.

How can Isabella tell the man she is falling in love with that her whole existence rests on him loving her in return and choosing to stay when all he longs for is to find his amulet to return to his own world?

Love, lust, revenge, and betrayal follow these two lost souls on a sensual and dangerous journey to discover long ago secrets, but their own destinies.

My Review:

A true love spell brings forth a man destined to love Isabella but there’s a catch. Escaping a bad relationship after she discovers her fiancé has ties to the Russian mafia, Isabella returns to her grandmother’s home in Rhode Island. Rummaging around in the basement, she finds an old witchcraft book. The book opens to a true love spell, so she figures to give it a shot. A handsome man named Zac appears spouting all kinds of nonsense. What amulet? Did the spell really work? Isabella’s not sure. All she knows is that with each day, she falls deeper in love with Zac. For their destinies are entwined and Zac must choose her in modern-day and forget his obligations in his old world. Danger, love, betrayal stalk these two lovers as they unravel secrets long buried. Can they find a way to be together or will they be torn asunder?

Spellbound is a riveting time travel romance I couldn’t put down. I’m a sucker for time travel romance and this book captured my heart from the beginning. I connected with Isabella right away. Her feelings, yearnings, wants, and needs became my own. The descriptive narration was emotional and intricate. I got so caught up in the story, I forgot I was reading fiction. The characters, the romance, the magic, the danger, it all felt so real. Zac is a man on a mission and a hero written for romance readers. There are plenty of twists and turns in the plot I didn’t see coming. And the ending, wow! If you’re a romance reader, escape the ordinary and read Spellbound. If time travel romance is your reading jam, you’ll want to read Spellbound. A brilliant romance from start to finish, Spellbound will have you under its spell.

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

Ju​lie A. D’A​rcy grew up reading the likes of Lord​ of the Rings, Once and Future King, and every fairy-tale she could get her hands on. Later on falling in love with the works of David Gemmell, Terry Brooks, and Johanna Lindsey.

As a child, she spent hours drawing and writing stories to accompany the pictures she drew. Graduating to writing short stories and poems as a teenager.

Her love of both the Fantasy and the Romance genres prompted her to try her hand at writing her own novel.

Her first book, 'Time of the Wolf,' was published in 1999 and went on to win the 1999 Dorothy Parker RIO Award for Women’s fantasy fiction. She was also runner up in the Australian RWA Ruby Award, the U.S.A, PEARL AWARD, and the SAPPHIRE AWARD.

Time of the Wolf has been given an update and was released by The Wild Rose Press in Jan. 2021.

She has had seven full-length novels and four novellas published. And has finished writing a new novel in her 'Tarlisian Sagas' series.

Julie lives in rural Victoria, Australia with her two spoiled Oriental cats, Alara and Keila named after two characters from her novels.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N


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