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Author Spotlight | Meet Terry Segan and her latest release #paranormalmystery #authorjourney #books

It’s only been a decade since the characters in my head screamed to be released into the world (and they were quite loud). Foolishly, I believed freeing up all that creative space in my mind would lead to some inner peace. Instead, it got overcrowded with additional story ideas. Now all those characters have formed an unruly mob waving numbered tickets as if standing at a deli counter. They’re impatiently waiting to escape onto the page.


I’m originally from Commack, New York, which is on Long Island. My Marni Legend series is based in a town called Northport. While that is a real Long Island town, don’t look for the bakery her apartment sits over or Marni’s favorite Italian restaurant. They don’t exist. The only real geography I left intact is the pier with a bench at the end. As a kid, my brother and I fished off that dock (but unlike Marni, I baited my own hook). After a decade on the west coast, I’ve spent the last thirty years in the desert, where I’ll never require an ice scraper or snow shovel again! The temperate weather is more to my liking with the beach only a four-hour drive away.


All of my stories have a paranormal twist with ghosts, time travel or other mystical aspects. Many of these chapters get written while I ride backseat on my husband’s motorcycle. We’ll travel for hours without speaking a word to each other because my mind is busy. Which is probably best since it’s very difficult to backseat drive between the roaring pipes and lack of a place to apply an imaginary break.


I soothe my gypsy soul by traveling as much as possible. Many of the locations appearing in my books are destinations I’ve either lived in or journeyed to. Of course, Long Island is a favorite and besides my Marni Legend series, Precious Treasure also takes place there. The Pacific Northwest also makes it onto our calendar at least three or four times a year. My upcoming 2024 release, Five Steps to Celestia, is set in Oregon.


Book 2 of my series, which was released this past October, took a right turn and landed in Crystal River, Florida. The town is real, yet again, don’t look for any of the establishments described in Manatee Soul. Everything is a product of my imagination, except for the experience of the characters snorkeling and kayaking with manatees. Those details came from an actual trip I took with a friend.


While I love to incorporate real life adventures into the lives of my characters, I do have to draw the line somewhere. If Marni ever goes parachuting or bungie jumping, just know those activities will be based solely on my keen powers of observation or research. I know my limitations—and the extent of my healthcare coverage. Perhaps a nice Caribbean cruise would be a great setting for the next in my series. What could go wrong there?


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Title: Manatee Soul, The Marni Legend Series – Book 2

Author: Terry Segan

Genre: Paranormal Mystery

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press


Book Blurb:


Marni Legend has embarked on the most perilous journey of her life—a vacation with her sister. The women are like two peas in a pod, providing each pod came from a different mother ship. One day into their Florida adventure, Marni questions her choice of travel partner. Gloria strives to understand her carefree younger sibling while kayaking and snorkeling without chipping a nail.


With nothing but eternity on his hands, Phil insists the sisters resolve the circumstances of his untimely demise. The wise-cracking spirit leads them on a trail filled with bartenders, bikers, and the promise of a hidden treasure.


Her greatest challenge will either be enduring a week with Gloria or surviving the thugs searching for the stolen booty. Can Marni figure out who to trust, who to avoid, and who she’d most likely want to be trapped alone in an elevator with?




“What’s wrong? Can’t hold your liquor?” Phil quirked from beside the outer rail.


“You are not allowed to comment,” Gloria rasped.


“Why not? This is terribly amusing.” Phil stood with arms crossed.


“We went to the bar because of you,” Gloria said.


“And did I make you down several beers and shots of tequila?” Phil asked.


Gloria put a palm to her forehead. “Can you talk quieter? I can’t handle shouting right now.”


Phil snickered.


“Phil, give her a break. She’s not used to playing the wild girl.”


“And I’m not used to playing the dead guy. Guess we all have our issues. At least she’ll recover from hers.”


She sucked down more soda. “Why is he still here?”


“Because you haven’t helped me to move on. You really are slacking on your responsibilities.” He shook his head.


Letting out a loud gasp, Gloria said, “I don’t mean here, like still on this planet. I mean why are you still here on our balcony? If you don’t stop prattling, my head will explode.”


Phil rubbed his hands together. “Now that would be fun to watch. And by the way, I do not prattle.”


“Just let me die in peace.” Did she end that comment with a growl?


“If that were to happen, then we’d be together for eternity.” Phil clapped his hands together like an excited toddler. “Marni, quick, more tequila.”


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Author Biography


Terry Segan, originally from Commack, NY, now resides in the desert where she’ll never require an ice scraper or snow shovel again. The beach is her happy place, but any opportunity to travel soothes her gypsy soul. The stories conjured by her imagination while riding backseat on her husband’s motorcycle can be found throughout the pages of her paranormal mysteries. Growing up immersed in sarcastic humor and science fiction movies, Terry’s goals are to cause her readers to laugh out loud, cry with joy, or cower under the covers wondering if the noise under the bed was real or imagined.


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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Dec 01, 2023

Thank you, Terry, for the wonderful spotlight! I enjoyed learning more about your writing journey.


Dec 01, 2023

Manatee Soul is soon good. Loved reconnecting with Marni! Best of

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