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5 stars for The Ghost of Loon Lake by Rachelle Paige Campbell #bookreview #secondchance #wholesome #romance

Title: The Ghost of Loon Lake

Author: Rachelle Paige Campbell

Genre: Second Chance Romance, Wholesome Romance, Romantic Mystery


Book Blurb:


Can an estranged couple fall back in love amidst the ghosts of their past? Or will present day haunts besiege their hopes for a future together?


Ten years ago, Ashley Hale Lewis left the Inn at Loon Lake, her family’s business, frustrated by her father’s apprenticeship that treated her more like a personal assistant than heir apparent. Her childhood best friend turned husband, Christopher Lewis, stayed behind, breaking her heart.


To claim her rightful legacy and her only chance at a happy future, Ashley sneaks into the lighthouse pretending to be a ghost. Unfortunately for Ashley, Christopher knows she’s back. And he needs her help.


Together, they uncover one mystery after another. Will they discover the secret to a happy future and a second chance at love?


My Review:


Pretending to be a ghost to drive her estranged husband, Christopher, from her inherited inn, Ashley discovers secrets long buried. Can they solve the mystery of a real haunting at the lighthouse while reigniting their love for each other before it’s too late? The Ghost of Loon Lake is a humorous romantic mystery with a gorgeous setting, descriptive narration, and characters who will make you chuckle at their antics. This light-hearted second chance romance will make you smile, just like me.


Let’s start with the characters. Ashley is an emotional heroine who is trying to spook her husband off the property so she can inherit, according to her late father’s will. Her pretending to be a ghost causes all sorts of funny scenes. She’s got some faults too which I connected with. Pride, emotional angst, and love swirl her heart into a frenzy. Watching her navigate through life in hiding and then combatting with Christopher, her husband, had me whipping through the pages.


Christopher is a hero with secrets. While he loves Ashley even after all these years, he’s the caretaker of the inn and all her father’s reasoning behind pushing her away. He’s caught in the middle and has plenty of regrets. He’s a hero with heart and one several readers will fall in love with.


The descriptive narration is lush and propels the reader into the story. Each scene is beautifully detailed while also portraying emotional tension. Rachelle Paige Campbell is a prolific writer whose narration skills are second to none.


The romance is second chance romance with a bit of mystery and supernatural. This couple is estranged which makes them rivals. Both the hero and heroine are dealing with hurt, regrets and painful secrets. Once they sit down and talk everything out, it’s a fruitful airing. There is a lot to overcome with this couple and I kept rooting for them until the ending. If you’re looking for a second chance romance with mystery and comedic elements, you’ll want to read The Ghost of Loon Lake.


My Rating: 5 stars


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Author Biography:


Rachelle Paige Campbell writes contemporary romance novels filled with heart and hope. With a master’s degree in Art History, she is always eager for a chance to sneak antiques into her books. She believes love and laughter can change lives, and every story needs a happily ever after.


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Reviewed by: Nancy


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