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The Sea Archer by @jenyheckman is a Binge-Worthy Festival pick #romance #pnr #giveaway

Title: The Sea Archer, The Heaven & Earth Series Book 1

Author: Jeny Heckman

Genre: Romance with Paranormal Elements

Book Blurb:

Raven Hunter, a musical prodigy, flees to the Hawaiian Islands to pick up the pieces after her marriage to her manager collapses. Instead, she experiences extraordinary and unsettling events that are beyond her understanding.

Living in paradise, marine biologist, Finn Taylor has the unconscious but effortless ability to understand the needs of the animals he cares for. His playboy lifestyle is most men’s fantasy. That is, until the night he meets the shy and elusive new island resident. Suddenly his life no longer feels like his own.

The attraction is undeniable. However, vastly contrasting lives, peculiar dreams, and an unbelievable proclamation that they could be the direct descendants of Poseidon and Apollo threaten to divide them forever. Will they accept their destiny and begin the quest of a lifetime or will they remain in their comfortable yet separate existence?


Finn kick-started the motorcycle, made a U-turn, and drove back down the road toward home. He took in his surroundings as he turned onto Pane Road, when his headlight shone on what looked to be a drunk person, weaving across the street. As Finn moved closer, he thought it might be someone injured, then realized it was Raven and pulled to the side of the road. She turned around and groaned when she saw who it was.

“Yeah.” He laughed, “I get that a lot.”

“I’m sorry,” she responded, blushing furiously. “I just…I just really had great intentions for tonight, and it didn’t quite work out.” She held up the broken sandal.

“Oh wow, that sucks.” He swung his leg over the bike, without cutting the engine and stood in front of her. He glanced up and down the street. “Are ya close by? I can give you a lift.”

“No thank you, I’m okay.” She eyed the bike dubiously.

“Seriously, you’re close enough that you’re trying to walk, and I live close by, so you’re probably not out of the way, promise.” Grinning, he knew he was making progress and looked around again. “Where’s your boyfriend?”

“My what?” she asked, nervously eyeing the bike again. He could see her weighing the option of a walk versus a ride home with a stranger that made her nervous. “Oh no, you mean Jason?”

“Yeah, Jason.” He grinned more broadly when he heard, ‘oh no.’ “Why isn’t he here helping you?”

“I told him to go home,” she answered distractedly, and he grinned even broader, entirely liking the sound of that.

“His home isn’t your home?” When there was no answer, he bent at the waist and tried to look up into her face. “Are you afraid of the bike or me?”

“What?” she asked snapping out of her internal debate.

“I said, are you nervous about riding the bike or me?” Knowing the pun was lost on her, he became thoroughly entertained.

“I’m not nervous about either,” she retorted primly, realizing too late what he meant, and blushed again.

“Oh great, then hop on. I can show you a really cool vantage point that no one knows about. It’ll be romantic.”

“I-I, ah,” she stuttered, and he tried to repress the smile at her tortured indecisiveness.

“Or, I can just take you home, and you can get back to your life.”

“Okay, thank you.” She licked her lips as she looked around nervously, then met his eyes.

“I’ve just never ridden on a motorcycle before.”

“Naaaaw, you’re kidding, right?”

When she smirked and narrowed her eyes a little, he was relieved to see she had some fire after all. Grabbing his helmet, he secured it on her head. Covertly, he raised both eyebrows as she hiked her dress up on amazing thighs and climbed on the bike.

“So, where to?” he asked, chuckling when her arms instantly superglued themselves around his waist, and the sweet smell of her perfume wafted over him.

“I don’t know how you say it, but it’s Pee Road.’” she answered, blushing furiously.

“Don’t worry.” He laughed. “All the tourists call it that. It’s pronounced ‘pay-eh.’”

“Oh.” She laughed too. “Perfect. I knew I was saying it wrong.”

After the initial fear broke loose, she seemed to relax and loosened her arms and their grip. The wind was warm on their faces, no wall or doors around them. It was exhilarating. He drove her a different way to prolong the ride, but she didn’t seem to care. When they arrived at her bungalow, he helped her off the bike and gently reached under her chin to unstrap the helmet, his eyes never leaving hers. He forked his fingers through her silky hair, displacing the static electricity from the helmet, and looked at her mouth, prompting her to look at his.

“Well. Thank you.” She bit her bottom lip. “Thanks for the ride. It wound up being kinda fun.”

“No problem,” he said, quietly looking at her lips again. “Sometime I’ll take you over to the north side. It’s a great ride. Hanalei and the falls are pretty amazing.” He ran a hand through his own hair.

“Ah.” She moved away nervously, awkwardly, and bit her lower lip again. “Yeah, maybe.”

“At some point, I’m going to have to tell you to stop doing that.”


“Biting your lip. It’s a pretty big turn on.” He looked at her lips again and then her eyes before smiling and sliding back onto the bike. He iked looking at her but furrowed his brow in confusion as she paled. She was like a nervous little rabbit. If the woman never opened her mouth, you would only see this extraordinarily beautiful, well-put-together package. He didn’t believe for a minute that she didn’t have something more to offer. Maybe, he determined, he just needed to break down the barrier of nerves.

She walked back to the house quickly, and he focused on the sexy sway of her mighty fine ass under the thin fabric. She walked inside and he could see her through the frosted glass, reach over and flick a switch, causing the porch light to come on. She leaned back against the glass, and he chuckled, knowing she didn’t understand that he could see her. God, who was this adorable woman?

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What’s the first binge-worthy book you read and why was it a must-read?

The Outlander series. That first book hit my hands almost twenty years ago and I read it through. Afterward, I couldn’t wait for Diana Gabaldon to get each new one out. The fact we’re down to the last two is hard to accept! The author penned an epic adventure, that crosses several genres, and brings you into the scenes. She is one of the most talented writers I’ve ever read with this ability. Not only does she paint the various settings with a detailed yet not boorish brush, she also blends historical, romance, paranormal, epic sweeping and action/intrigue to perfection. So, wonderful!

What makes your featured book a binge-worthy read?

Though no Diana Gabaldon, my series is binge worthy because I do try to insert some of that realism too. I wanted to do a series that was different from all the werewolves and vampire books being written. I loved Greek mythology when I was young, so liked the idea of placing the all-powerful beings in jeopardy. The Greek gods are kind of cocky, arrogant, and selfish. So, the idea of relying on mere mortals to save them was also intriguing to me. They are fallible, romantic and interesting.

With the Sea Archer, we have Raven Hunter, who is mega singer-song writer and performing star. She was married to her manager, and ten-year senior, Donovan, who ran every aspect of life and career. He has an affair and they divorce, leaving Raven to figure things out on her own. Though maybe not celebrities, many women have had to do the same thing after divorce. To me, those women are warriors, and I have always loved and admired them coming into their own.

While Raven is trying to figure things out she goes to Hawaii, where she meets Finn Taylor, a marine biologist. Finn’s early life wasn’t easy but he came to live with his Grandmother, Dee, who altered the course of his existence. He’s always done things his way, without compromise, and now he must learn to share himself and life with another, in order to win the woman of his dreams.

Dee Taylor, Finn’s grandmother, is a treat. She’s intelligent, fun and very eccentric. Discovering they are all part of a bizarre prophecy, she must make the couple understand it too. If not, the Olympians are forever doomed and the final plagues will be released upon the modern world. Dee is a fan favorite, and the readers asked me to tell her story. Her life tale will be coming out as a novella around Christmas time.

I think you will love the “foundation” of this series. Raven Hunter, is the descendant of Apollo, god of music. Finn Taylor, the descendant of Poseidon, god of sea and ocean. Dee Taylor, comes from Demeter’s line, the goddess of harvest and agriculture. As they navigate this new world, I hope you come along for the journey!


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Author Biography:

Award-winning author, Jeny Heckman, was born in Bellingham, Washington, and was the youngest of two daughters. She met her husband, Jeff, in August 1992, and eloped three months later, at Magen’s Bay, on St. Thomas, U.S.V.I.

She wrote her first book, the Catch, in a few short months but took several years before she gained the courage to self-publish it at her son’s urging, and her love for writing began.

In 2018, Jeny knew her next project would be a series that showed adults could have adventures in the paranormal-fantasy genre too. So, she created the Heaven & Earth series, a story of doomed Greek gods and their only salvation, their modern-day descendants. Her first book of the series, the Sea Archer, was immediately picked up by the New York publishing house, the Wild Rose Press, and won, “Best in Category” from the 2018 Chanticleer International Book Awards.

In the year 2020, Jeny released, Dancing Through Tears, a short story from the anthology, Australia Burns: Volume Two, highlighting the Route 91 massacre from the perspective of one family at the concert, and at Mandalay Bay. She also intends to release, the Warrior’s Progeny, and Dee’s Cornucopia, in 2020, continuing the Heaven & Earth Series.

Jeny lives in Washington State with her husband of over twenty-seven years.

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Membre inconnu
21 août 2020

Thank you to N.N. Light for having me on this Binge-Worthy Festival of FUN! What a fantastic group and I really appreciated the time.


N. N. Light
N. N. Light
19 août 2020

Thank you, Jeny, for sharing your book in our Binge-Worthy Book Festival. Wow, what a great cover and excerpt! Sounds like a binge-worthy read, for sure.

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