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Truly, Madly, Deeply by @CDugmoreWrites is a Book Heaven Wednesday pick #romance #LGBTQ #bookish

Title: Truly, Madly, Deeply

Author: Clare Dugmore

Genre: LGBTQA Romance

Publisher: Crimson Fox Publishing

Book Blurb:

Rule number one: Don’t fall for one of the parents of a kid you coach.

Rule number two: Don’t fall for a straight woman.

Rhiannon O’Bryan finds herself breaking both those rules when she meets single-mom Sabrina Thompson on the first day of fourth-grade soccer practice.

Sabrina Thompson has enough complications in her life. Her ex is a nightmare and her boss is a pervert, the last thing she needs is her budding friendship with fellow single-mom Rhia throwing her entire life into confusion.

But as their ten-year-old daughters Teagan and Piper spend more and more time with each other, Rhia and Sabrina become close. Rhia thinks she’s deluding herself by lusting after a straight woman, and Sabrina has never considered herself to be anything but straight before.


As Rhia starts up the engine, an awkward silence forms between us. As if going on a date with another woman for the first time wasn’t weird enough, I’ve just left my daughter with said woman’s dead wife’s parents. This is crazy.

Trying to break the tension, I say, “Martha seems nice.”

Rhia glances at me briefly and smiles. “She is, and she’s been very good to me and Tea since we lost Beth. With my family back in England, it helps having someone around.”

“I can imagine. I’d be lost without my parents and Luke and Tasha. They’ve been invaluable since I started this new job.”

“I bet. Are you getting on well though? How are you finding working for Dana?”

“Really good. For starters, she doesn’t leer over me like Mr. Peterson did.”

“That’s because she knows I’d knock her out,” Rhia says, then seems to realize what she’s said and blushes.

She tries to cover her tracks, but I laugh it off, and say, “Well, she did say if you don’t hurry up and ask me out, she will.”

At first, I wondered if it might be awkward working for Dana, as I sensed there’s a history between her and Rhia, but whatever was between them in the past has turned from romantic to strictly friendship. Dana is a complete professional when we’re ‘on the clock,’ and on the few occasions the mask of professionalism has slipped, she’s been nothing but friendly. I can see why her and Rhia are close; Dana seems like someone who’d make an excellent friend.

Rhia laughs. “Yeah, that sounds like Dana. In the interest of honesty, considering my last mistake, I should tell you, Dana and I used to sleep together. It was never anything serious, though. Dana isn’t the settling down type, and I am.”

I’d already guessed they’d once been lovers, but it’s nice that Rhia is being open and honest with me. It’s also interesting to note they didn’t work out because Rhia wants to settle down. I mentally file that piece of information for examination later.

“Yeah, I guessed,” I reply.

“And you’re okay with it?” Rhia asks as we pull into the lot of the restaurant. “I promise you, we haven’t had feelings for each other for a long time, but I’d understand if it’s weird for you.”

Rhia’s words make my cheeks heat and my heart pound. Has anyone since Elliot made me feel like a giddy schoolgirl? “I’m happy I have you in my life too. As to me never having contemplated dating a woman; you’re right, I hadn’t … until I met you.”

“This is a date, date then?”

As I consider how to answer Rhia, butterflies take nest in my stomach. Yes, this is as much a date as any I’ve had with a guy I’ve been interested in. Feeling brave, I close the distance between us and press a kiss to Rhia’s cheek. Instead of feeling strange, it feels like the most natural thing ever.

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Author Biography:

Clare Dugmore is a writer, bookworm and daydreamer from the West-Midlands, UK.

Clare's love of literature not only motivates her career as an author, ​but influences her desire to help other writers get their work out to the world.

In addition to her own writing career, Clare also works as freelance ghostwriter, proofreader, and publishing assistant for co-op publishers Snowy Wings Publishing and Crimson Fox Publishing.

Clare is a thirty-something, married, mother of two. In her spare time, she enjoys binge watching shows with her hubby, spending time with her two sons, and playing video games.

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light

Thank you, Clare, for sharing your book with us. It sounds like a wonderful romance! #loveislove

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