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5+ stars for Vegetable Chatter by Mommy Moo Moo ® #kidlit #childrensbooks #bookreview

Title: Vegetable Chatter

Author: Mommy Moo Moo, Tom Edwards (Illustrator)

Genre: Children’s Books, Board Books

Book Blurb:

Vegetable Chatter (Damara Publishing, 2016/2020), written by Mommy Moo Moo and illustrated by Tom Edwards, is a silly conversation about vibrant vegetables. Carrots, squash, and beets galore are dramatically displayed in whimsical illustrations of vegetables interacting and chit-chatting amongst themselves in Mother Earth's garden. Mommy Moo Moo's rhythm of language with an undercurrent play on words will delight your senses and tickle your fancy.

My Review:

Vegetables are glorious but teaching your children and grandchildren about vegetables can be problematic, especially during these uncertain times. Mommy Moo Moo aka Debbie Barbuto comes to the rescue.

Vegetable Chatter is a beautifully-illustration children's book detailing various vegetables and why they're great. From ravishing radishes to Sgt. Pippa's Pickled Beets, this book displays vegetables in a fun, sometimes silly, way. I love the illustrations and the wording. Together, they make vegetables kid-friendly and appealing to young children. Each page has a scene with a vegetable or two and honestly, kids will want to make up stories to go along with each page's illustration.

Why is this a five-star book? Mommy Moo Moo activates a child's imagination with her words and Tom Edwards' illustrations. There's a classic whimsy to Vegetable Chatter that I haven't seen since Louis Sachar. Highly recommend!

My Rating: 5+ stars

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Author Biography:

Debbie Barbuto aka Mommy Moo Moo is an unschooling mama, artist, author, and activist. She creates Board Books with a Mission™: Connecting people with people, people with nature, and people with the earth.® Debbie derives inspiration for her stories from her three daughters, her Cairn Terrier, Mother Nature, and life itself. Mommy Moo Moo lives by her mantra: "We live what we create. We create what we live."

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N


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