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The result of Wendy Kendall's passion for purses, mystery and romance is the intriguing In Purse-Suit Mysteries. Published by Harlequin at Harper Collins, Kat Out of the Bag introduces Katherine Watson purse designer/sleuth, and her hippie of the ‘60’s mother Moonjava, and her tea-loving grandmother. The full series is published by The Wild Rose Press. As Katherine moves from designer bags to body bags, she uncovers clues to a murder in Bayside, Washington.


The prequel, Purse-Stachio Makes A Splash delves into a chilling cold case. Finalist for Best Romantic Suspense at Killer Nashville, Snow Kiss Cookies To Die For creates a tangle of mystery and love, raising suspicions about a teacher's romantic new sweetheart. A summer romance mystery Cherry Shakes In The Park keeps you on the edge of your beach towel, blending danger, divas, and frothy delights. Ribbons of love run through the holiday season romance, Heart of Christmas Cookies and Dreams.


Author Wendy Kendall grew up in California, headed north and kept going until reaching Seattle where she raised her two sons. She enjoys investigating Pacific Northwest life and leaves a trail of her own clues as blogger, YouTube podcaster, speaker, and syndicated columnist. Fashion and fiction always captured this author’s imagination. Fun with accessories, especially purses, delights and raises her curiosity.


A vacation trip to Little Rock, Arkansas became an inspiring adventure when visiting the Esse Purse Museum. The exhibits show the history of women, their lives, dreams, and values through the decades. It’s a tribute to those who lived and served. A woman’s handbag is a public display of a woman’s personality and aspects of her life and interests. Her trip to Esse became an incredible journey, and an inspiration for Wendy’s characters and very intriguing, novel mysteries.


Wendy’s dream of telling stories took flight, and she’s never looked back. Her characters motivate and instigate, and the suspense sets a spine tingling. Readers love her books and best describe their enthusiasm themselves by review recommendations:


“This book was a thrill ride from start to finish. While many mysteries take time to build momentum, this fantastic read maintained an elevated pace consistently. I read the book on a cross-country flight, engrossed in this tale of a celebrity designer searching for truth and justice. Each character in the book was unique and compelling. I was especially amused by Kat’s free-spirited mother, Moonjava. MJ's eccentric personality made me chuckle a few times.

I also appreciated the purse-themed adages sprinkled throughout the book. Those familiar sayings took on new meaning when used by Kat, a lifelong (and incredibly passionate) handbag enthusiast. Katherine views the world through a different lens, with accessories taking center stage. Even her feline, Purrada, is named after one of Kat’s favorite fashion brands.

To Kat, handbags are more than fabric and stitching; they are a display of innovation and love. Purses can be laced with history and emotion, and Kat pays them due respect for this. In fact, one special bag with mysterious contents might be the key to catching Brenda’s murderer! There’s a long list of suspects, so Kat gladly welcomes all clues that come her way.




Title Kat Out of the Bag

Author Wendy Kendall

Genre  Mystery

Publisher  Harlequin,  The Wild Rose Press


Book Blurb


When celebrated international purse designer, Katherine Watson, hosts a gala for her Purse-onality Museum, she never expected the next day's headline to read: 'Murder at the Gala Premiere.' But after a dead body is found during the event, that's exactly what happened.Working to solve the murder, Katherine matches wits with local cop Jason Holmes and his K-9 partner, Hobbs. Although Holmes and Watson disagree often, they discover an undeniable attraction building between them. But they'll have to put their feelings on hold and focus on solving the murder, before Katherine becomes the killer's next knock off.




Katherine was worried by the operator's monotone. Did she understand the urgency? Katherine watched in disbelief as the shadow figure moved toward the shed attached to the waterwheel. Too late, she thought to get a picture after the person disappeared inside the shed.


“Oh no,” Katherine muttered. She spoke into the phone, “Hurry, I think it's the killer, maybe looking for something left behind? Hello?” Had the operator hung up?


“The officer is on the way. Please stay on the line.” The operator's voice now sounded bored.

A sharp ray of light from inside the shed cut through the darkness. Sweat collected on Katherine's upper lip as she imagined the killer looking through her things for something, maybe critical evidence. Fear gave way to irritation at the invasion. Irritation gave way to anger.


Someone had to stop that killer from removing whatever incriminating thing was so critical it had driven a return to the scene of the crime. Katherine wanted to scream. Where were the police? She pressed against the windowed door. The light in the shed went out. Her breath caught in her throat. The silhouette walked out of the shed toward the alley leading to the maze that burrowed throughout Bayside and beyond.


Katherine spoke gruffly and fast, “Hello. Where's your officer? The suspect is getting away.”


“Ma'am, please stay calm and hang on the line. They're on the way.”


Katherine unlocked the door to the yard and whispered to the 911 operator, “I'm in pursuit.”


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Author Biography


The result of Wendy Kendall's passion for purses, mystery and romance is the intriguing In Purse-Suit Mysteries. Kat Out of the Bag introduces Katherine Watson purse designer/sleuth. As Kat moves from designer bags to body bags, she's uncovering clues to a murder, before she becomes the next knock off.


The prequel, Purse-Stachio Makes A Splash delves into a chilling cold case.


Finalist for Best Romantic Suspense at Killer Nashville, Snow Kiss Cookies To Die For creates a tangle of mystery and love and raises suspicions about Desiree's romantic new sweetheart, Leo.


A summer read that will keep you on the edge of your beach towel, Cherry Shakes In the Park blends danger, divas, and frothy delights.


Ribbons of love run through Wendy's newest book, Heart of Christmas Cookies and Dreams.


Social Media Links


Twitter - @wendywrites1

Instagram - wendyekendall


Title Purse-Stachio Makes A Splash

Author Wendy Kendall

Genre  Mystery

Publisher The Wild Rose Press


Book Blurb


Designer Katherine Watson is enjoying a delectable frozen pistachio treat at Ginardo's beachside ice cream shop when her friend issues a playful dare. Katherine can't resist accepting the challenge and finds herself tasked with creating a designer purse out of pistachio shells. But the fun day takes a chilling turn when Katherine uncovers a clue in the ice cream store to a decades old missing persons case--and she suspects there may be a killer in their midst. Katherine is soon up to her shoulder bag in danger, but she's determined to see that a murderer gets his just desserts.




The wall was covered with sand and surf. Katherine was impressed by its realism. It was

like looking outside through floor to ceiling windows. And there were portraits of four family members, all enjoying a day together at the beach.


Ida stepped forward and pointed at the signature on the lower right corner. “I was right.

It’s a Tracy Ryan painting of the family enjoying a sunny day at Bayside.”


Arturo looked on wide eyed. “Magnifico. Who could cover this? It’s a vibrant tribute to a loving heart.”


Katherine asked, “Will you leave it uncovered?”


“Oh yes.”


Katherine searched the wall for any clue. Her shoulders sagged when she didn’t see one.

“What could have happened to her?”


Ida said, “I don’t think we’ll ever know.”


Katherine frowned at her.


Brenda said, “I’m going to check with the police department and see if they can re-open the cold case. Maybe with today’s technology there’s evidence we can now pursue.”

Katherine stepped up to the artist’s self-portrait and whispered, “We’ll do all we can, to

solve your mystery.”


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Purse-Stachio Makes a Splash on Amazon  Goodreads   BookBub   Barnes & Noble


Title Cherry Shakes In The Park

Author Wendy Kendall

Genre  Romantic Suspense

Publisher The Wild Rose Press


Book Blurb 


First grade teacher Desiree Tucker is on the brink of winter holidays with her new, romantic boyfriend when danger encroaches on her joy. Ominous, untraceable texts buzz on her cell phone. Terrifying secret Santa gifts show up for her in the classroom. As the stalker moves closer to the prey, Desiree doesn't know who she can trust. Her charming new man is a prime suspect. Is he a deadly stalker? If not him, who? What can she learn from the legend of the snow kiss cookie? Just when she's starting to believe in magic again, she finds herself fighting for her life.




Voices and laughter echoed as students came in from the hallway. Peter and Jack rushed up to Dez and said together, “Cool stocking.”


              She put the stocking back on its hook. “Good morning. Please put your secret Santa cards on my desk, and then take your seats.”


              Madeline said, “An admirer? Is that really appropriate at school?” She walked through to her room, closing the door behind her.


              Dez reminded herself to get with Principal Milner today about how she’d caught Madeline. She considered what Madeline had said. An admirer? Maybe the stocking was from Leo. How nice of him. How fun. It was a very busy morning. Dez was happy that John’s mood had improved, and he was trying to engage with the kids. She’d still have to ask him about his actions on the schoolyard Friday. She shuddered remembering that stare he’d given her across the parking lot. He took the class out for recess.


              Dez made a beeline for her stocking. Her excitement matched her students’ as she took down her stocking and reached inside. She pulled out the cardboard, and her heartbeat sped up. One look and her heartbeat pounded.


              The card was a picture of Santa in his sleigh with reindeer. Her smile faded seeing a cut out photo of her face pasted on the drawn figure next to Santa. Where did that picture come from? The caption read: Secret Santa may sleigh you


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Title  Cherry Shakes in the Park

Author  Wendy Kendall

Genre  Romantic Comedy

Publisher The Wild Rose Press


Book Blurb


Selling ice cream on a bike cart, Bryson Tanner pedals his way into a double mystery.Bryson is training for track and field, Olympic trials when his coach's brother disappears. The police find no cause for opening a case, but Bryson and Coach disagree. What they uncover leaves Bryson cornered, his life at risk. Bryson is also plagued by mysteries of the heart. His ex, Marta, is back and stars in the acting troupe's weekend show in the park. She'd stomped on his heart once. Could he trust her with it again?

Marta's co-star, Senona, charms Bryson over cherry shakes in the park. He's torn between rekindling his past, or starting a new flame. He joins Senona on the actors' mystery hunt, where the winner received a career-boosting prize.

Who knew the actors' clue hunt would merge with the kidnapping? Danger escalates during a midsummer night's dalliance at desolate Loon point.




              A light female voice with a rhythmic, musical tone floated, “Hola. Do you know a place to get ice cream?” Her giggle, a serenade of castanets.


              She had one fist on her hip that jutted attractively outward, accenting her tiny waist and shapely curves. Her jet-black hair flowed straight down her back. She used a tissue to wipe her forehead.


              Conscious he was sweating after his ride, he stood with his arms close to his sides. She was sweating as well, but it looked good on her. She glowed, a summer sight in white sneakers with pink socks peeking out and tight pink shorts. Her sleeveless, white midriff top had very thin straps and fit her cleavage well. She pulled her locks behind one ear and smiled. “I’m Senona. What’s your name?”


              Before he could speak, Bryson heard that familiar sweet voice. “His name is Bryson.”


              Frozen in place and savoring the sound, he stared at his Marta. He searched her eyes, hoping to see a longing for him there.


              Senona said, “This is the Bryson you talked about?”


              A warmth rushed into his face. Marta had talked about him. Now she twisted her sandaled foot in the grass in that coy way he liked. She wore a bright yellow sun dress and her hair swung back and forth in a ponytail.


              He relished how she said those words. He stammered, “I didn’t know you were coming into town this weekend. We can catch up…”


              Why didn’t Marta answer him?


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Title Heart of Christmas Cookies and Dreams

Author Wendy Kendall

Genre  Romance

Publisher The Wild Rose Press


Book Blurb


Liz buried her hopes three years ago when she buried her husband. She hides under a corporate desk, struggling for time with her young son and his grandmother Violet.


          George is chef at the assisted living facility where Violet recovers from an accident. He loves his adopted beagle, Phil. This tail wagger is George's only family. They are a therapy animal team for the patients.


          Juggling work, her son, and Violet is complicated for Liz. Continual collisions with meddling George irritate, and intrigue her.


          Violet plots a cookie bake, as matchmaker and to reunite her family. She conspires with George as chef, not realizing it puts his job at risk. Could baking together soften Liz's heart?


          Phil's sudden disappearance interrupts plans. George is desperate to find his dog. The search leads him into a surprising twist of fate, and accidentally pulls Liz along with him.




          She stood up again and turned around to see George. His hands on his hips. “Flat tire? Can I help?”


          George took off his black chef shirt, putting it on the front seat of the car. He rolled up the sleeves of his blue shirt, revealing toned forearms. Liz’s glance lingered.


          She felt like celebrating. She scratched Phil’s tummy, talked nonstop to George about his cooking, baking, and recipes, while she stole admiring glances at his physique, including his broad shoulders and flat stomach.


          When he finished, he put the jack and flat tire into the trunk. “You’re all set to drive.”


          “This was really nice of you.” Impulsively she hugged him. The warmth of his arms wrapped around, then her phone rang. They broke apart, and Phil barked. She looked into George’s brown eyes.


          He grabbed his shirt off the driver’s seat. “Happy to help.” He turned toward the building and called Phil. She let the call go to voicemail. Had she misjudged George? She hadn’t talked about baking in years. It felt good. When she hugged him, she’d surprised herself. What a pleasant embrace.


          She drove across the lot to the exit, smiling to have all tires turning. One problem solved. In the rear-view mirror, her back window was fogged. She turned onto the road with an unfamiliar feeling of hope, although she had no idea what’s around the corner.


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N. N. Light
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