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5+ stars for Why Is Sam So SAD? Seasonal Affective Disorder and Depression from a Child’s Perspective by Dan Granger #bookreview #kidlit #childrensbooks #sad #mentalhealth

Title: Why Is Sam So SAD? Seasonal Affective Disorder and Depression from a Child’s Perspective

Author: Dan Granger

Genre: Picture Book, Child Psychology, Educational, Self Help


Book Blurb:


This colorful children's book captures the essences of what it is like for a young person to have SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder which is a form of depression. The book is about a boy named Sam who suffers from SAD. Sam tells the reader all about what he experiences and feels. He goes on to explain what causes this sadness within and how the weather plays into how he behaves during this time of year. He tells the readers how he treats his friends and family and even his dog during this SAD time of the year. Sam expounds what the letters S.A.D stand for in Seasonal Affective Disorder. He discusses the remedies he uses to combat SAD. Some include taking unusual vitamins, staring at a special light and the burdensome task of remembering something good that happened during these SAD days. Sam ends the book reminding the reader to practice gratitude. Because Sam feels you can’t be angry and grateful at the same time.



My Review:


Sam has seasonal affective disorder or SAD. He will tell you all about it from a child's view. Sam feels the winters are long and dark. The weather saps your energy.


What a nugget of a book. Being able to entertain children while teaching AND helping is quite a feat. Mr. Granger rose to the occasion.


Depression is difficult enough for an adult to come to grips with, but a child must experience the feeling of drowning in emotions he can’t explain. SAD isn’t a condition a child would have any knowledge of, and my guess is very few adults understand it. This reader learned a great deal from this children’s book.


I was impressed Mr. Granger chose to use the technical and medical terms when explaining the why and how of SAD. He accomplished not talking down to the child reader while also defining those big words. The younger child whose parent is reading to them will benefit as well as the older child reading to himself.


This would be a good read for children or adults who might suspect someone they know has SAD. It’s a wonderful book for a child who’s been diagnosed.


My Rating: 5+ stars


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Author Biography:


Dan grew up in the Midwest and has coped with SAD every winter since he was a child. However, that has not stopped him from achieving his goals. He received his bachelor of special education from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. He received his master's degree in early childhood education from Northern Arizona University. He is a certified reading specialist. He was a former teacher with fifteen years of experience teaching students from preschool through high school. In addition, he even tutored college freshmen.


Teaching is in his blood and it even comes out in his writing.


He has lived in the Arizona sun, but today he lives in a suburb of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Go Packers!”


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Reviewed by: Brenda


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