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5+ stars for A Lady's Addiction (Honor Prevails Book 1) by @RegencyLady #Regency #bookreview #books

Title: A Lady's Addiction (Honor Prevails Book 1)

Author: Angelina Jameson

Genre: Historical Romance, Regency Romance

Book Blurb:

Anna, a widow battling alcohol addiction, is convinced she is worthless unless she bears a child. Devlyn, sterile from an accident, has returned to England from an assignment for the Foreign Office. Anna and Devlyn join forces to protect an innocent child from a blackmailer. Can they come to terms not only with their feelings for each other but whether they will allow society to dictate the true significance of life?

*** A very steamy romance. ***

My Review:

After her husband’s death, Anna still carries around the emotional scars she endured while he was alive. To cope, she drowns her pain through alcohol consumption. But when she meets Devlyn, for the first time in her life, she doesn’t need wine to numb the pain. She and Devlyn join forces to help stop a blackmailer from corrupting an innocent child. Society dictates her self-worth by bearing a child but can she be complete without a child? They’ve fallen in love with each other but will societal expectations keep them apart or will realize love is what defines them as man and wife?

A Lady’s Addiction is a brilliant Regency romance with immense depth. We get a realistic view of what life was like in Regency England. Angelina Jameson tackles some tough issues like alcohol addiction, childbearing, infidelity, death, blackmail, and societal pressure. Many of these same issues are present in today’s society but they aren’t taboo conversational topics like they were in Regency England. The attraction between Anna and Devlyn is immediate yet the romance blossoms over time. Both hero and heroine are flawed characters that added such depth to the story. I connected with Anna right away and there were times when I wanted to give her a gentle shake to knock some sense into her. The plot moves at a quick pace, peppered with a full cast of characters and plenty of intrigue. If you love historically accurate Regency romance, A Lady’s Addiction is a must-read. Highly recommend!

My Rating: 5+ stars

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Author Biography:

Angelina Jameson is a multi-published author of historical Regency romance. Growing up in Las Vegas, Nevada, Angelina joined the US Air Force to see the world. Dreams of visiting the United Kingdom were fulfilled when she was stationed at RAF Lakenheath in the beautiful countryside of Suffolk, England. Five years later she returned to the states having acquired a love of not only all things British but also Regency and historical romance.

With the help of Romance Writers of America, the hobby of writing developed into a dream of sharing her stories with others. Angelina currently lives in the great state of Alaska with her supportive husband and two teenage sons. She loves to write with a steady supply of coffee nearby and one of three cats on her lap.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N

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