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New Release | Courtesan’s Wicked Desire by @ClairBrett #historicalromance #newrelease #bookboost

Title Courtesan’s Wicked Desire

Author Clair Brett

Genre Historical Romance

Book Blurb

A lady and courtesan...

After the man she loves is forced to marry another, Lady Sarrafinna Lennox remakes herself into the most famous courtesan in England. If she cannot have love, she will have freedom. But freedom alone cannot fill an empty heart. When fate puts her in the path of her greatest regret, will rekindled passion offer a second chance?

A hero and a spy...

After his wife’s death, diplomat to the crown, Lord Kendrick Chase returns to London to be closer to his daughter. But when a friend taps his expertise to help smuggle a rebel into Denmark, a simple favor may be Kendrick’s end. Now, hunted by his own government and running out of options, fate drives him to the doorstep of the one woman he wants most to avoid. The woman he still loves, even as she offers herself to everyone else.

With the fate of a nation in their hands...

Love binds them. Passion pulls them closer. Will deception, secrets and murder drive them apart again... and destroy the future of a nation?


He pulled back then and looked at him with a hard expression, “Maybe here in your bedroom, where you can shut out the reality, but in the light of day, when you will no doubt be mingling with my old clients daily--”

“Were all the current members of Parliament your former clients?” He asked, trying to make light of a serious concern. The truth was he could not promise her it would never grate on him and he knew that.

“I was very good at my job.” Was all she said.

He leaned up and kissed a rather delectable spot on the tip of her shoulder, “You have done nothing by half my dear. The truth is I cannot promise I won’t want to challenge every member of Parliament to a duel to defend your honor, but what I can promise you is that I will not.”

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Author Biography

Author of 7 Historical romances, including the Improper Wives for Proper Lords series, Clair Brett lives in NH with her ever emptying nest which includes her children when they come to visit, two cats, one willful dog, and a mean Pitbull mix, that will lick you to death and run into her kennel when you speak loudly, and an ever harassed husband who takes it all in stride. A lover of all things Regency, Clair was hooked when she first read Jane Austen. She is a firm believer that a reader finds a piece of who they are or learns something about the world with every book they read. She wants her readers to be empowered and to have a refreshed belief in the goodness of people and the power of love after reading her work.

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Sep 10, 2020

Thank you, Clair, for sharing your new release with us!

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