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5+ stars for Heart and Soul by @KMNbooks #paranormal #suspense #paranormalromance #bookreview

Title: Heart and Soul

Author: Karen Michelle Nutt

Genre: Paranormal Suspense / Paranormal Romance / Ghosts / Reincarnation

Book Blurb:

Her dreams were a song from a previous life. To truly live again, she followed the melody home.

80s rock star, Haley Rose, and her boyfriend went missing without a trace on October 31, 1988 and were eventually presumed dead. Three decades later, thirty-year-old, Rowan Beckett, recalls things only Haley Rose would know, and she can belt out songs in the same unique fashion. However, Rowan couldn't be the missing rock star since Haley would now be in her fifties. Could Haley Rose have come back reincarnated as Rowan Beckett? Or is Rowan as delusional as her family suspects?

My Review:

There are probably very few reviewers for paranormal who have read as many of those as I have. That being said, Heart and Soul blew me away. This is another one of the ones that stick with a reader. It wasn't two days into reading this book that I was dreaming about it.

The author creates an incredible story about Rowan and leaves it open as to exactly what is going on. Is it possession? Is it re-incarnation? Is it mental illness? Is it just a haunting? Well, I am not one who reveals spoilers. This is simply brilliantly written and an incredible read.

I was kept guessing throughout. The story of Rowan and Maverick is very well written. The history of Haley is inspired and filled with incredible details that just haunt the reader.

Heart and Soul keeps the reader going with a need to know what happens next. Excellent character portrayals, brilliant pacing. I am taken aback in regard to how good of a book this was. A brilliantly written book by a very skilled author.

If you are a fan of the paranormal or just a fan of good ghost stories, this book is for you. I recommend it to everyone.

My Rating: 5+ stars

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Author Biography:

Karen Michelle Nutt resides in California with her husband. Though her three children are grown and starting their own adventures, she still has a houseful of demanding pets. Jack, her Chorkie, is her writing buddy and sits long hours with her at the computer.

When she's not time traveling, fighting outlaws, or otherworldly creatures, she creates book covers at Gillian's Book Covers, "Judge Your Book By Its Cover".

Whether your reading fancy is paranormal, time travel or contemporary romances, all her stories capture the rich array of emotions that accompany the most fabulous human phenomena—falling in love.

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Gillian’s Book Covers, “Judge Your Book By Its Cover”

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Reviewed by: Mr. N


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