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5 stars for In Search of the Body & Soul Connection by Duke Saganich #spirituality #bookreview

Title: In Search of the Body & Soul Connection

Author: Duke Saganich

Genre: Spirituality, Personal Transformation

Book Blurb:

This book is a thought-provoking analysis for all of the spiritual seekers looking for answers. It’s for those who are open to all the possibilities of what could be. It’s about the mysteries and wonders of why we are here.

The author’s studies and research into spirituality and religion have led him to find common ground between them. The premise of this book is based on his interpretation and understanding of the three main aspects of spirituality; the “Body”, the “Soul” and the “Link” which connects them.

Part One “The Body”: Explains the basic understanding of how the physical body works in conjunction with thoughts, emotions and the decision making process. He believes the first steps to a healthy and balanced lifestyle is to listen to your intuition, stop and take a breath before reacting, and understanding the life force and how it can be utilized in your daily life.

Part Two “The Soul”: How understanding the different aspect of your soul, which includes your inner self, is the foundation for your spiritual path. This will develop a spiritual awareness which in turn will give you the tools and opportunities to make decisions in your life with purpose.

Part Three “The Link”: By understanding and utilizing the many ways your body and soul communicate is the core to spiritual growth. Listening to your intuition, being self-aware, living in the present moment and making conscious choices with loving intent, is the path to health and balance. Throughout these chapters, the author provides simple techniques and exercises that can be used in your daily life to help you connect and keep you on your spiritual quest.

* The author will be donating 50% of his royalties to various charities that are in need.

My Review:

The author of this book has been faced with extreme challenges that life can toss a person's way but has come through them. The path to the light that this author has taken is not only beneficial to him, but the journey will be beneficial to many.

I have long held the belief that there is more than one path to the light. This first came to me when I originally read The Religions of Man by Huston Smith. Where in that book it was an intellectual evaluation of the different paths, here you get a break down of the way the body and spirit need to find a path. After that, you get many examples of ways to the light.

There are many effective paths towards the light and there is no one path for everyone. That being said, one must be careful not to head down a dark path that is camouflaged as a way to the light. Be very careful about any association with Qi Gong, as this is not a path to light. The darkness and cult-like approach this alleged school of thought takes is not to be recommended to anyone.

Why bother with something that touches on Taoism when you could simply find your path through Taoism?

A powerful book that gives someone seeking enlightenment a number of good ways to find the light after first explaining one way to define what part of a person goes on this journey. A commendable book.

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

Duke Saganich was born in Croatia and came to the United States when he was eight. Throughout his life his interests focused on research in spirituality, religion, philosophy, psychology, mysticism and meditation. He retired at age 62 and is living in Upstate New York with his wife Ellie.

The author will be donating 50% of his royalties to various charities that are in need.

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Reviewed by: Mr. N


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