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Five stars for Let Her Play by @aaronvelky #sports #bookreview #parenting

Title: Let Her Play: The Unfiltered Guide To Empowerment Through Sports

Author: Aaron Velky

Genre: Sports, Coaching, Empowering Girls

Book Blurb:

Let Her Play is a guide for parents who have a daughter playing sports. Regardless of what sport she plays — soccer, basketball, softball, cheerleading, gymnastics, swimming, volleyball, tennis, track and field, field hockey, dance — this book will help you, as a parent, to navigate the sports experience.

So many times, the sports environment can be emotionally draining, charged with all kinds of fears, desires, goals, aspirations, and broken hearts, including upset and enraged sideline guests and fired-up coaches. Let Her Play is a guide to help your family understand what makes for meaningful play of your female athlete's favorite game. It will help you, as a parent, instill a sense of confidence, bravery, and independence.

This book will:

— Help you develop a more meaningful connection with your daughter and create a safe environment for her to share thoughts and experiences about sports and life.

— Provide an understanding of the science of high performance in sports and in careers, as well as the mathematics of your daughter’s sports pipeline to success.

— Give you clear action steps on what to ask, discuss, or bring up in various scenarios and what you can do as a parent to establish your daughter's healthy relationship to sports principles like confidence, failure, hard work, independence, and more.

— Present multiple new and exciting ways of creating conversations with your daughter, identifying who is the priority in the sporting experience, and navigating the emotions that come with parenting a female athlete.

Let Her Play is for parents who are committed to their daughters and learning about themselves in order to better serve their female athlete through her own challenges and growth.

My Review:

A book that has an international audience as the problems being addressed are found nearly everywhere a parent signs a daughter up to play sports (or take music lessons). This book is possibly the most important guide to any family taking part in rec sports. This book is more important than ‘how to sign up’ guides issued by various communities.

The author lays out his sound arguments in a clear and concise fashion. The reader is neither overburdened by anecdotes, stats, or lectures. The author's care and compassion stand out as you read this book.

The one potential issue here is that the parents who so desperately need to read and memorize this book will think it is not about them. If you are a parent who thinks their daughter is playing sports to 'get a scholarship' or 'do what I couldn't' => BUY this book.

My hope is that at least 10 parents will read this book, have a forehead-slapping epiphany, and change their ways. Kids should be playing for the joy of playing and if it is to be anything is up to the kid to decide.

A fantastic book, very well written and much needed today as it was 20 years ago. Recommended to every parent with either a daughter or a son.

My Rating: 5+ stars

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Author Biography:

Aaron Velky is an entrepreneur, author, business coach, sports leader, speaker and artist from Baltimore, Maryland. His work has varied, but his impact has not. He's the CEO of Ortus Academy, a company providing education, resources, guides and access to Millennials and Gen Z that want to elevate their lives financially. In the last few years, he's worked with over 1500 young adults and helped them shift their mindset and develop skills related to money, careers and happiness. He's helped over 640 people master their credit and travel around the world for free. He's coached over 360 athletes. He leads a group of ambitious and driven entrepreneurs focused on impact and heart-led, purposeful lives. And he's an athlete, artist, reader, adrenaline junky and comic book nerd.

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Reviewed by: Mr. N


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