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5 stars for Malachi, Ruse Master by @PamSCanepa1 #newadult #fiction #bookreview

Title: Malachi, Ruse Master

Author: Pamela Schloesser Canepa

Genre: Private Investigator, New Adult

Book Blurb:

Duplicity is Mike’s first nature. If you want to know what he’s doing with his life, just ask, but don’t expect the truth. You may not even be getting his real name…

Such duplicity is the reason a so-called ‘acting job’ at a suspiciously sparse agency, LLJF, becomes the perfect solution to Mike’s college drop-out blues. During a time when he is just finding out who he really is, Mike adopts the new identity of ‘Malachi,’ and it fits like a glove. A broken nose, a lost tooth, stealing scientific secrets, and a run through the alleys of D.C. are all in a day’s work. Malachi is the best at uncovering the truths that others want to hide, and the taste of succeeding at what you are best at is intoxicating.

Malachi is willing to do anything to get his paycheck--until he must decide if the thrill of deception is worth the price he must pay.

Malachi, Ruse Master is a character spin-off from the award-winning Detours in Time series and intersects with events from Undercurrents inTime.

My Review:

Another incredible book by an author who has helped redefine the time travel genre. The journey through life with Malachi is brilliantly written. The lows and highs of his life come out beautifully.

The strident points here are the head shaking time when being gay was nearly a crime. That this is set in Washington D.C. just after 9/11 made me really shake my head. One would think that kind of neanderthal parenting would be appropriate in 1973, not 2003. The character of Malachi is defined by this and he is truly a hero outside his time.

The simplistic approach to just following along as Malachi lives his life makes this an easy read. The seamless jumping forward by a year or two at a time keeps the story moving. Just a very good book that works extremely well as the third installment of the Detours in Time series but works well as a stand-alone. A superb book that I highly recommend to all readers.

My Rating: 5 stars

Buy it Now:

Available in Kindle format, Kindle Unlimited, or paperback.

Author Biography:

Pamela wears the teacher hat by day and the writer hat by night (when she's not walking the dog). She started writing for fun as a child and self-published her first fiction book in 2016, after exploring the world of blogging. Her first series of sci-fi books focused on sci-fi romance and unique families. Her Detours in Time series has been called "social sci-fi," exploring various social constructs that keep changing drastically. Pamela has plans to continue writing in the sci-fi genre and to branch out into other genres as well.

Social Media Links:

Twitter- @PamSCanepa1

Reviewed by: Mr. N


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