Marquis in a Minute by Roni Denholtz is a Super Reads Bookish Event pick #regency #romance #giveaway

Title: Marquis in a Minute

Author: Roni Denholtz

Genre: Regency Romance

Book Blurb:

Andrew Pennington has suddenly become the new Marquis of Whitbury—and the most pursued peer in London. Justine Rawlings wants to find a fake fiancé quick. Her father insists she must be engaged before her younger sister can get married to the man she loves. The two friends hatch a scheme to pretend to be engaged. But as they spend time together, their feelings for each other grow. Meantime, danger threatens!


Andrew had hold of her hands, and Justine found the tingling in them most unusual.

“Fine. Now, to make this look authentic—” and once again she saw the distinct, mischievous glint in his eyes—“perhaps we should embrace?”

“I…” Justine’s voice faded. She could not think of one thing to say. She felt frozen to the spot. Her heart beat faster.

She wanted him to embrace her.

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