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No Easy Catch by @JaquelineSnowe is a Spring Break Bookapalooza pick #sportsromance #giveaway

Title: No Easy Catch

Author: Jaqueline Snowe

Genre: New Adult Sports Romance

Book Blurb:

A jock and a party girl teaming up—makes total sense, right? Actually, maybe… Ambar Hernandez is a senior communications major who has no idea what she wants to do in life. She spends most of her time working on her blog after gaining a lot of readers with a story she wrote junior year and…never followed up on. The last thing she expects is an angry jock accusing her of involvement in a scam that could shake the college to its foundations. Jeff Maddow should be focused on his senior season of baseball and not the suspicious activity happening on the team. It’s his time to shine and get drafted, but after seeing incriminating evidence, he can’t not investigate. And his first lead is the campus blogger…who’s related to a name in the document he saw. Ambar’s been coasting, writing about campus fashion and hook-ups rather than politics and economics, but when Jeff shows up at her place spouting wild accusations, she agrees to help him just to prove the stubborn athlete wrong. Long nights, impassioned arguments, close quarters…both Jeff and Ambar find opposites more than attract when things heat up.


Everything would be blown. The story, my cover, all of it, if he recognized me That was the entire point of dressing up—to be just another girl flirting in a bar.


How do I escape this? Should I run out? Pretend I don’t see him? Throw my coffee in his face? A ploy…something to throw him off my scent. That’s it.

Without thinking a second longer, I marched past Max and up to Jeff. “Hey, baby. I missed you.”

He didn’t have time to react before I threw my free arm around his neck and dragged his face down to mine. His lips were cold and hard, not unlike his reluctance to trust me. In all the ways I’d secretly fantasized about kissing Jeff, none of them were like this, stiff and awkward in a coffee shop. It was three seconds of agonizing embarrassment before something shifted. Awareness fluttered in my lower abdomen when he placed his hands on my hips, drawing me closer to him. His lips weren’t hard anymore. His entire body softened against me and he kissed me.

Like, a holy-shit,-my-crush-likes-me type of kiss. He opened his mouth slightly and teased mine with his tongue, sending a bolt of attraction through me that had my thoughts getting fuzzy. He tasted like mint and smelled like fresh air—a combination lethal enough to make me forget why we were kissing.

But it didn’t matter in those seconds where our mouths were connected and his hands were on me. I felt that kiss all the way down to my cold toes and I curled them in my boots when he slid his tongue deeper into my mouth. It wasn’t until I groaned that he stopped. When he broke our connection, it was a rush of overwhelming realization that we were in public and the kiss wasn’t real.

He stared down at me with his gray eyes swirling with just as many confusing emotions as I had. “Wh…hey?”

My throat was clogged with words I wanted to say, but the force of that kiss made me speechless. Instead, I grabbed his gloved hand and dragged him out of the coffee shop and onto the sidewalk. “Max was in there and he recognized me from Tuesday. I panicked.”

“Your plan was to kiss the hell out of me instead?” he asked, an amused grin forming on his face. His lips were a little red and it brought me an insane amount of pride to know I was the reason why. “Tell me how that plan helped.”

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If money were no object and there wasn’t a pandemic circling the world, where would you go for a Spring Break vacation and why?

I would go to New Zealand and live outside. Every picture seems breathtakingly beautiful and it is on my bucket list to see the hills and mountains where they filmed scenes in Lord of the Rings.

What’s your favorite thing about Spring and why?

I’ve always been a fan of thunderstorms. I used to live in the Midwest and springtime meant the coolest clouds formations and the smell of the air right after a good storm is incredible. Nothing is quite like that fresh scent.


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Open internationally.

Runs April 1 – 30

Drawing will be held on May 1.

Author Biography:

Jaqueline Snowe lives in Arizona where the "dry heat" really isn't that bad. She identifies as a full-blown Gryffindor and prefers drinking coffee all hours of the day. She is the mother to two fur-babies who don’t realize they aren’t humans and a new mom to the sweetest baby boy. She is an avid reader and writer of romances and tends to write about athletes. When she isn’t headfirst in a book, she loves spending time with her baseball-loving husband.

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8 Kommentare

Barbara Bettis
08. Apr. 2020

Oh, my gosh, Jacqueline! I loved those Midwest summer storms and the wonderful smell of them--before, during and after. I used to sit on the porch and watch them thunder through! Best of luck with your book :)

Gefällt mir

Unknown member
08. Apr. 2020

I love the springtime sunshine

Gefällt mir

Unknown member
07. Apr. 2020

Theresa, sorry you've been sick. Hope you don't have this nasty virus.

Gefällt mir

Unknown member
07. Apr. 2020

I love spring break but not this year. We have been sick.Going to be tested for the virus today.

Keep the awesome books coming.

Gefällt mir

Unknown member
07. Apr. 2020

What I love about Spring the most is seeing the flowers come out in their pretty colors, seeing Pussy Willow trees in bloom and planting flowers.

Book sounds like a great read. Love the book cover and excerpt. Would love to read and review this paperback/print version.

Hope I Win.

Stay Safe And Be Well.

Gefällt mir
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