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Second Sight by Kat Green @hauntsforsale is a Celebrate Audiobook Month pick #audiobook #paranormal

Title: Second Sight

Author: Kat Green

Genre: Paranormal

Book Blurb:

Paranormal real estate agent, Sloane Osborne sells haunted houses. And she's getting quite good at it. But not all hauntings are the same. Some are common manifestations but others are more sinister—dark and evil. Called in to investigate a beach front home in charming Yarmouth, Maine, Sloane envies one couple's happy future whereas hers has been ripped away. These days, she finds more comfort in hunting the dead than being among the living. But this fairy tale New England home has a dark secret: the new owner has gone missing—inside the house. Is Sloane in over her head? When the local ghost hunting team gets involved, they make things worse, waking up a latent evil that refuses to be banished. Some ghosts do more than haunt houses—they fight back to inflict their own torment on the living.

Audiobook Clip:

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What makes this a must-listen audiobook?

If you want a hair-raising adventure from the safety of your own home, Second Sight is the book for you. Full of chills, humor and colorful characters, this story will hook you from the first chapter and leave you wanting more!


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Author Biography:

Kat Green is the alias of authors KAT de Falla and Rachel GREEN.

Rachel has always believed in ghosts but saw her first full body apparition while working at an old movie theatre in college. When she met Kat at a writer's conference she knew she'd met a kindred spirit - not only did they both favor Captain Morgan but they were both sensitive to the hereafter. After bonding over a few sippy treats and ghost hunting adventures, the Kat Green came into being.

Kat de Falla lived in a haunted house for too long. When things really heated up, she had several paranormal teams investigate, but things only got worse. When her mother suggested she contact a shaman, one agreed to come, saying she had been waiting for Kat's call. The home was cleansed and sold. When she paired up with Rachel, the idea of co-writing a book about a paranormal real-estate agent seemed perfect.

Sloane Osborne and the Haunts for Sale Series was born.

Narrator Biography:

Read by Stacey Dudek

Author Social Media Links:

Find out more at

Facebook – Author Kat Green

@hauntsforsale on Twitter and Instagram.

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