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5+ stars for Shadow of the Eclipse by @AuthorLAKelley #fantasyromance #timetravel #bookreview

Title: Shadow of the Eclipse

Author: L.A. Kelley

Genre: Fantasy Romance, Time Travel Romance

Book Blurb:

Excitement brews in Crossroads for everyone but lawyer, Callum MacGregor. This year, the town harvest festival coincides with a total eclipse. With a recent breakup, Cal has no desire to attend until a visit from his old law partner, Isaac Bingham, drops a bombshell. Twenty years before Cal’s birth, his grandfather, Phillip Bingham, extracted a promise. Isaac must get Cal to the harvest festival or the world would face unparalleled disaster. Cal is stunned. How could Phillip know Cal would be born and live in Crossroads? Why this nonsensical warning? The mystery deepens when Isaac tells him he’s not the only one to receive a mysterious summons.

Accountant Meg Adler’s day started badly when her boss fired her for refusing to cook the books, but then a letter arrives from a man named Bingham. It contains a lucrative job offer—details to follow. All she has to do is attend the Crossroads Harvest Festival on opening day and meet his representative to discuss details. Meg is leery, but it’s not the end of the world if this doesn’t pan out. Right? Ancient evil prowls the shadow of the eclipse, but the key to saving the present can only be found in the past. In a time-traveling adventure, Cal and Meg enter a mystic maze and journey to Babylon, the Dark Ages, and 1906 San Francisco hot on the trail of two magic artifacts lost in the recesses of time. Can they dodge demonic forces, fulfill a dead man’s mission, and discover a new future with each other?

My Review:

The town of Crossroads is excited about the upcoming eclipse coinciding with their harvest festival but not lawyer Cal. He couldn’t care less, that is until he hears a mysterious summoning. He’s to meet a woman in the corn maze but he’s not sure of her name or even what she looks like. When he bumps into Meg, they enter the corn maze and time travel back to Babylon, the Dark Ages, and even San Francisco in 1906. They’re on the hunt for two mystical relics but they’re not the only ones looking for these items. A dark, demonic force is itching to escape its realm and wreak havoc. Can they fulfill their mission in time or will they be lost in the shadow of the eclipse forever?

Shadow of the Eclipse is one of the most original stories I’ve ever read. It has all the elements I enjoy in a great book: compelling characters, time travel, a touch of fantasy, and of course romance throughout the ages. L.A. Kelley is a gifted storyteller and transports the reader on a fantastic adventure. The author blends mythology with romantic adventure seamlessly. I enjoyed the time travel world-building she created. The descriptive narration took me away from all the stress of my pandemic life. I longed to transport back in time with Cal and Meg. The plot moves at a good pace with plenty of conflicts to overcome. The romance is slow-building and is presented well as they time travel through the eras. If you’re looking for an unputdownable fantasy romance featuring time travel, pick up Shadow of the Eclipse. I swear, you’ll never view eclipses the same. Highly recommend!

Favorite Quote or Character:

Meg. I loved seeing her in her different personas throughout the ages. She’s a strong heroine no matter the time period and I connected with her right away.

My Rating: 5+ stars

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Author Biography:

I live in the South where the heat and humidity have driven us all slightly mad. I'm easy to spot as I'm the palest person around. I avoid the sun and love air-conditioned comfort. On the plus side, my skin will never look like badly laid roofing shingles.

My favorite writing genres are fantasy and science fiction, but I'll read just about anything except technical instruction manuals. All my stories have fantasy, humor, romance, and a touch of sass. In my spare time I enjoy phoning in Bigfoot sightings to the Department of Fish and Wildlife. They are heartily sick of hearing from me.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N

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