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5+ stars for Wasteland by @TerryTyler4 #dystopian #psychologicalthriller #bookreview

Title: Wasteland

Author: Terry Tyler

Genre: Dystopian/Adventure/Psychological

Book Blurb:

"Those who escape 'the system' are left to survive outside society. The fortunate find places in off-grid communities; the others disappear into the wasteland."

The year: 2061. In the new UK megacities, the government watches every move you make. Speech is no longer free—an 'offensive' word reaching the wrong ear means a social demerit and a hefty fine. One too many demerits? Job loss and eviction, with free transport to your nearest community for the homeless: the Hope Villages.

Rae Farrer is the ultimate megacity girl - tech-loving, hard-working, law-abiding and completely content - until a shocking discovery about her birth forces her to question every aspect of life in UK Megacity 12.

On the other side of the supposedly safe megacity walls, a few wastelanders suspect that their freedom cannot last forever...

Wasteland is the stand-alone sequel to 'Hope', the concluding book in the two-part Operation Galton series, and Terry Tyler's twenty-first publication.

My Review:

In the not too distant future, 2061, the world as we know it is gone. In its place is a society where every movement, even the breath humans breathe is calculated. Speech is no longer free. Those who are successful and help the government prosper live in megacities. Rae Farmer loves living in UK Megacity 12. Her whole life and mindset are spun out of control when she discovers a startling discovery about her birth. Forced to open her eyes to the kind of life she’s been living and the sacrifices made for her, she must make some difficult choices. Is life outside the megacity walls better or worse than she ever imagined? There’s only one way for Rae to find out…

Wasteland by Terry Tyler grabbed me from the first page and didn’t let go until the very last page. Terry Tyler takes on a scary idea from the foundations of what is going on today. It won’t be too long before we become megacities where the government stalks our every move. The plot moves along at a great pace with plenty of twists to keep the reader entertained. A fairly large cast of characters to keep track of but I didn’t feel lost. Descriptive narration connected me with the characters, specifically Rae. This is part of a series, I believe, but it can be read as a standalone. I couldn’t put it down. Emotional, raw, edgy, Wasteland is a brilliant piece of literature. Highly recommend to all, not just dystopian readers.

My Rating: 5+ stars

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Author Biography:

Terry Tyler is the author of highly acclaimed dystopian, post apocalyptic and psychological fiction, including the best selling The Devil You Know (serial killer mystery), The House of York (dark family drama) and the Project Renova series, about the survivors of a pandemic. Her latest publications include Hope and Wasteland, two stand-alone, dystopian novels that make up the Operation Galton series.

Terry is an avid reader and a member of Rosie Amber's Book Review Team. She loves the countryside, quiet places, The Walking Dead, and her husband, with whom she lives in North East England.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N


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