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5 stars for Pearl River Mansion by Richard Schwartz @MascotBooks #legalthriller #bookreview

Title: Pearl River Mansion

Author: Richard Schwartz

Genre: Legal Thriller, Family Saga

Book Blurb:

Detective Jack Kendall and his assistant, Stacy Young, receive a disturbing call that opens the door to an infamous missing persons case. Jack and Stacy now hold the key to the most complex, shocking, and emotional case of their careers, and they are all in!

As the only heir of Joan Chandler, Tyler stands to inherit everything one person could want, including Pearl River Mansion—a sweeping post-Civil War estate that sits at the end of one of the many fingers of the Pearl River. Tyler’s mother controls people by trading on her wealth, but Tyler refuses her money—which always comes at a price—and struggles to make it on his own, trading instead on his intelligence and good looks. But he’s not as good at the game as she is and finds himself trapped in a marriage that infuriates his mother.

Just when Tyler believes he’s winning in the destructive battle of wills with his mother, fate intercedes… And for the second time in her life, Joan finds a purpose for the alligators that have kept her well away from the water’s edge—and the stakes keep rising.

My Review:

The author is gifted. He is able to create a character who I so loathed in mere moments… that is impressive. I had not read more than two sentences of the description of Tyler before I detested the air he breathed and the fact he would be on the planet with humans. The plot for much of the work is an anti-hero guide. We have anti-hero Tyler, anti-hero Cody, anti-hero Joan, and anti-hero Sarah's dad and somewhat anti-heroes Mr. Gibbs and Regina. The lawyers and some of the PI's are anti-heroes too.

With the number of people who have died in this book by the 2/3 mark, it is only through creative plot development that a walking piece of human feces like Tyler is still alive at that point. The story played out almost like a Tim Burton's Christmas version of a Hallmark movie. The only characters truly redeemable and admirable were Rachel and Jayden.

I was almost certain I was going to detest how the book ended but it surprised me. This has one of the greatest scenes near the end that had me applauding and cheering. Not to give anything away but useless and damaged goods both got a proper finish.

A story that will tear a reader's heart out and keep them on the edge. At times raw, often aggravating. A legal thriller that kind of plays like a psychological horror book. Riveting in the way one can't look away from a car wreck. Recommended for the reader who lives on the edge.

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

Richard Schwartz, a lifetime resident of Jackson, Mississippi, practices law at Richard Schwartz & Associates, one of the largest plaintiffs law firms in the state of Mississippi. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Millsaps College and a juris Doctor Degree from the University of Mississippi School of Law in 1981. He served as Assistant City Prosecutor for the City of Jackson for ten years, and the City Prosecutor for Ridgeland for two years. Richard stays actively involved in the community and participates with numerous charities, especially those related to children.

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Reviewed by: Mr. N


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