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Looking for a good book to read? Check out this March Book Review Roundup by @NNP_W_Light #books

March certainly has been a busy reading and reviewing month here at N. N. Light's Book Heaven. We've read and reviewed from a wide variety of genres. If you're looking for a great book to read, we've got you covered. Here's what we reviewed this month:

If you love fantasy or fantasy romance, you'll love Lord of Druemarwin by Helen C. Johannes:

If you love women's fiction, you'll love Joyous Lies by Margaret Ann Spence:

If you love middle-grade fantasy, you'll love Alessia in Atlantis: The Forbidden Vial by Nathalie Laine:

If you love fantasy or urban fantasy, you'll love To the North by Evan L. Grove:

If you love, military romance, you'll love A Soldier for Suzie by D.E. Haggerty:

If you love epic fantasy or high fantasy, you'll love The Scarlet Queen by Mitch Reinhardt:

If you love science fiction, you'll love Into the Alter: One Man/Two Worlds by Matthew J. Seaton:

If you love women's memoirs on dating, you'll love Then There Was Larry by Marie Estorge:

If you love time travel or paranormal mysteries, you'll love Spirit in Time by Julie Howard:

If you love the book/movie Misery, you'll love Someone Close to Home by Alex Craigie:

If you love literary fiction told in an unconventional way, you'll love William Ottoway's Utopia and other stories by Christopher Griffith:

If you love middle-grade historical fiction, you'll love The Metric Clock by Phillip B. Chute:

If you love paranormal/vampire romance, you'll love Absolution by P.L. Parker:

If you love single mom romance, you'll love Covet thy Neighbor by Denise Carbo:

If you love gripping memoirs, you'll love Cruelly Betrayed by Dr. Mary Faltz:

If you love historical family sagas, you'll love The Dunnes of Brittas by Kevin Akers:

If you love wine and romance, you'll love Breathe by Lucinda Race:

If you love medieval Scottish romance, you'll love An Echo in the Glen by Michelle Deerwester-Dalrymple:

If you love fantasy, you'll love Bound in Strength by Zola Blue:

If you love bourbon and romance, you'll love dibs by Allison Hubbard:

If you love young adult fantasy, you'll love The Lightning Knight by Sean P. Valiente:

If you love paranormal, you'll love Grave Fortune by Nancy E. Polin:

If you love short stories, you'll love Backstories by Simon Van der Velde:

If you love spiritual/new age books, you'll love Journeys Through the Lands of Heaven by Mary Galligher Hannigan:

If you love contemporary romance with a beauty and the beast vibe, you'll love A Reckless Heart by Jennifer Wilck:

If you love young adult dystopian, you'll love Heart of a Traitor by C.C. Bolick:

If you love fantasy, you'll love Cleelok by Sean Nuber:

If you love historical romantic suspense, you'll love Spirit of the Winds by Judy Kentrus:

If you love middle-grade mystery, you'll love Mall Girl Meets the Shadow Vandal by Kimberly Baer:

If you love fantasy romance, you'll love The King's Marked by Terina Adams:

If you love horror, you'll love Grasp of the Night by Sadaf Zulfikar:

What books have you read in March?

Happy reading!

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